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Coach "Lonnie Bartley" Alley

This alley located "Downtown Fort Valley, Georgia" is dedicated to Lonnie Bartley. We wanted to bring him, his legacy and his team to life. Creating a visual transformation including color, 3D art, flowers and interactive butterflies! There is a caterpillar that represents the women coming in. The cocoon stage is the grooming under his leadership and coaching. The butterflies represent their flourishing transformation with him as their Fort Valley State University Woman's Head Basketball Coach for 31 years. It symbolizes their transformation and its beauty. This was not only amongst them but the Fort Valley Community as well.  There is no cap on what possible if you "Believe It". ~Lonnie Bartley

There are 3 photo opt moments that have been incorporated as well. This is not only to take photos but to give one more opportunity to bring people into this location to learn more about the Hall of Famer "Lonnie Bartley". Hoping to bring more of a positive light and more community interactions to the overall area. 


Lonnie Bartley & Verneen Hill

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